A commercial ductless air conditioner is perfect for your business in the Haverhill & Amesbury, MA area

Think of the last time you visited a store that was too toasty for your liking. Did you purchase everything you needed, or did you leave as quickly as you could? Your shopping experience might have been more pleasant if the business owner had a commercial ductless air conditioner to keep the space comfortable.

Don't let unreliable heating and cooling drive away customers. Contact Valenzi Heating & Cooling LLC to get a commercial mini-split system installed at your storefront in Haverhill & Amesbury, MA or a surrounding area.

Ductless units are perfect for these businesses

Because commercial mini-split systems are compact, energy-efficient and affordable, they're ideal for keeping small spaces comfortable. We can install a commercial ductless air conditioner at your...

  • Bar
  • Bakery
  • Restaurant
  • Convenience store
  • Small office building
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